Mobile and user-friendly websites geared for Holiday Accommodation

Mobile and user-friendly websites geared for Holiday Accommodation

Enhance your website and amaze your visitors by placing important quick launch buttons such as CALL NOW, GPS NAV LAUNCHER, BOOK NOW and EMAIL NOW buttons.

Quick launch buttons are very convenient for your users and increase user retention.

Our CALL NOW button saves your website visitor from finding your contact page and your contact number which they either have to copy and paste into the phone dialler (if tech savvy), or have to write it down or remember it. Our CALL NOW button conveniently launches the device dialler.

The GPS NAV LAUNCHER launches the devices turn-by-turn voice navigation application (GOOGLE DRIVE). This gives your guests the ability to be directed to your doorstop, should they wish.

Our BOOK NOW button conveniently takes the guest to your website booking form.

Our EMAIL NOW button conveniently brings up the device email application for guests that prefer to email.

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