FREE Mobi-Nav Buttons for your Mobile Website

FREE Mobi-Nav Buttons for your Mobile Website

Gone are the days where your visitors have to zoom, swipe and struggle to find your phone number or location on your mobile website.

The ability to make phone numbers clickable and launch apps like satellite navigation on mobile websites has been around for ages, so it’s a no-brainer why so few websites actually use this technology.

We make Prominent and “sticky” quick launch buttons in a panel that can be customized. This slide away panel can be on every page making it easy for your visitors to call you, or drive to your door step.

Mobi-Nav Buttons make it easy for your customers to:

  • Call you instantly.
  • Immediately Navigate to your doorstep if needed.
  • Email, Contact or Book with you.

We are offering this free to you if you transfer your website hosting and management to 24pillows. Our Hosting packages include free domain renewals and free mandatory website updates.

If you prefer not to transfer your hosting, we can add and install a Mobi-Nav Button Panel on your website for a once-off fee of only R600.00.

Contact us today for your free Mobi-Nav Button Panel.

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