24pillows was born out of an critical need for mobile-friendly and ‘properly’ functioning websites for the vacation rental industry. We all know what its like: You go to a guest house or hotel website on your phone and you can’t read the tiny text. You have to zoom and swipe to find phone numbers and other information like location.

At 24pillows we develop beautiful, mobile-friendly website solutions that are geared toward holiday rental and hospitality businesses.  We know whats important to your guests and therefore we make websites that work like an app on mobile-devices.

Prominent Mobile Website Features:

An easy-to-see “Call Now”  button that launches a devices phone dialer, making it easy for your guests to quickly contact you….no more trying to remember or copy a tiny number which is very inconvenient when on the move.
A visible “Launch GPS” navigation button that launches your device voice navigation App – taking your guests direct to your doorstep – extremely handy for people on the move.
A prominent “Book Now” button giving your users quick access to your booking form. No more zooming, clicking and swiping trying to find a booking form.
An obvious “Email Now” button allowing users to email you instantly using their devices email application.


Mandatory Features

  • Booking and Reservation Forms
  • Booking Agent Integration.
  • Customer Reviews capabilities with On-Site Reviews.
  • Showcase your Reviews and Accolades from external websites.
  • Social Media and Social sharing abilities.

See the full list of website features here.

A Complete Website Solution for your Guest House


We provide managed “turn-key” website solutions for vacation rental establishments. These include Guest House Websites, Bed & Breakfast Websites, Self Catering Accommodation Websites, Hotel Websites, Private Lodge Websites, Game Lodge Websites, Safari Lodge Websites, Guest Farm Websites, etc. We also offer Safari Company Website and Tour Operator Website solutions.

24pillows is an exciting new division of its parent company 2XL Digital Solutions. 2XL Digital Solutions previously serviced the hospitality industry with website solutions for many years until now. 24pillows was launched in February 2017.

Websites we develop include Google location and MAP/GPS navigation features, booking and reservation forms, booking agent integration, customer review features, social media and social sharing abilities as well as mobile-friendly features like call now buttons that bring up a device’s dialer. We also offer a handy GPS satellite navigation launcher.

We also offer optional Google “local guide” integration for user-contributed media including imagery, interactive 360 street-views and videos of tourist attractions and the tourism areas near you establishment (if available).

Cuisine and menus can also be added and kept current for your establishments restaurant or cuisine on offer.

All these features make it engaging yet convenient for your potential and existing customers that are on the go and need to be mobile.

24pillows aims to provide solutions that conform and adapt to the ever-changing web technologies. Our first website, built in 1999 for safari tour company Green Rhino owned by Mr Henry Samons, was long before smart phones were out and had different needs – even the code style was totally different.

We bring decades of experience with modern technologies and ensure your brand is represented with eye catching designs and stable, future-proof standards in coding and search engine optimization.

Website Hosting and Website management is optional but highly recommended as this way we monitor and resolve traffic issues, manage software updates,etc. This eliminates the risk of dealing with 3rd party hosts that have unstable hardware and infrastructure. It is better to have all your eggs in one basket and not several companies managing your web presence. Our hosting server is a managed and dedicated server on Afrihost’s backbone in Johannesburg so you can rest assured the hardware is monitored 24/7 by qualified technicians who also give 24/7 support.

Traffic analysis and Search Engine Optimization are on-going and we continually keep abreast with Google’s new algorithms and rules. We use organic optimization techniques and will never use ‘black hat’ sneaky techniques that result in ranking penalties. Websites are added to Google Analytics for monitoring and adjustment. We also add you to Google business and we put you on Google’s Radar which is very important in favorable ranking.

It is a sad fact that many vacation rental websites are old, low resolution, and not mobile-friendly, or don’t even exist at all. Those that do exist fail in many areas and are in sire need of help and actually give their business a bad light and the bounce rate is high.

The face behind 24pillows is myself, Craig Van Rensburg. I consider myself a diligent businessman, a nerd, code-a-holic and family man. Having spent lots of time traveling around South Africa to weird and wonderful places like the Karoo, Namaqualand, Battlefields, Tsitsikamma, Limpopo and everywhere in between, I have realised, like most of us, the need for vacation rental companies to have mobile friendly websites.  We always use our smart phones to find places along the way and this is a rather annoying experience because most websites difficult to work with – having tiny text and tiny links and having to zoom and swipe just to find a phone number or contact method – which is often after a long time of digging and trying and sometimes clicking on the wrong links taking us to unwanted pages.

I graduated in digital arts at Graphic Horizons Training Institute in 1993 and creating my first website before cell phones were out, so I have experience spanning decades. My offices are in picturesque Ramsgate on the beautiful coast of Kwazulu-Natal.